Watimongba, President of the Mokokchung District Congress Committee (DCC) informed today that the first list of candidates in the district for the ensuing ULB elections will be released on 25 May. This declaration was made during an inspection conducted by the Mokokchung DCC to assess the security measures around the Strong Room storing the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs) of the recently held Lok Sabha polls.

Congress Mokokchung
Mokokchung District Congress Committee leaders during their inspection visit tot eh strong room on Monday, 13 May.

During the inspection, Ex-MLA and DCC Member of 26 Aonglenden AC, Toshipokba, revealed that a committee has been formed for the Mokokchung district ULB election, with himself serving as convener and Watimongba as co-convener. He highlighted that discussion during their first committee meeting held today primarily focused on constituencies within urban areas.

Expressing optimism about the party’s prospects, Toshipokba divulged that a high number of aspirants were seeking Congress tickets for the ULB elections and expressed confidence that many candidates would secure victories under the Congress banner.

Additionally, Toshipokba expressed satisfaction with the security measures in place for the EVMs and VVPATs, noting strict restrictions on unauthorized access to the Strong Room where they are stored.

He further asserted his belief in the INDIA Bloc forming the next government and expressed confidence in the Congress candidate winning, even if by a narrow margin, in Nagaland.

General Secretary of Nagaland Pradesh Youth Congress (NPYC), Salipong S Pongen echoed Toshipokba’s sentiments, stating that they are confident of securing victories in at least 7 out of the 18 wards under Mokokchung Municipal Council.

Regarding the candidate selection process, it was revealed that the first list of candidates will be released on 25 May, with the final list pending confirmation from the head office. The second list, to be issued thereafter, will serve as the final roster of candidates.

The Congress youth leader also said that the party would be fielding candidates in the other towns of the district like Tuli, Mangkolemba, CHangtongya and Chuchuyimlang towns where ULB elections are scheduled to be held.

The event was attended by several Congress personnel, including Ex-MLA Toshipokba, DCC President Watimongba, NPYC General Secretary Salipong S Pongen, DCC Secretary Limatemjen Imsong, and other District Congress Committee officials.

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