Mokokchung, 13 May (MTNews): KVK Mokokchung organized a training-cum-interaction session with farmers from Satsu, Mulongkong (Mopungchuket), and Chakpa villages on 10, 11, and 13 May respectively, covering various topics. Specialists from the Kendra included Dr Sarendi Walling (ACTO Animal Husbandry), Imtisenla (ACTO Agronomy), Imtilemla (ACTO Soil Conservation), and Martha Chakruno (ACTO Plant Protection).

Molungkong KVK

The farmers were trained on different aspects of management of livestock including feeding, breeding, housing, and disease control.

They were also educated on the importance of soil nutrient management, with a focus on utilizing organic manures from livestock to mitigate nutrient deficiencies. The safe and judicious use of fertilizers was emphasized.

Furthermore, discussions covered field crop cultivation, good crop management practices, and organic methods for insect pest management. Method demonstrations were conducted on soil sampling for testing, setting up pheromone traps for fruit fly management, and the distribution of vitamin-mineral mixtures and deworming medicines for livestock, as well as micronutrients for crops.

A total of 51 farmers/participants benefited from the activity.

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