Mokokchung, August 25 (MTNews): The Information Technology & Communication (IT&C) department has been given until September 15, 2022, by the Combined Technical Association of Nagaland (CTAN), to requisite one program officer (PO), four assistant program officers (APO), and one technical assistant (TA) post to the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC).
CTAN warned that failing to abide with its demand will “attract further course of action from the association and all its 11 federating units.”


The association in a press release claimed that between 2019 and 2022, it had submitted three RTI requests to the IT&C department. However, the association insisted that there had been “an enormous level of manipulation” with the department’s RTI responses, which was in “direct contravention to the service rule book of the department.”


According to CTAN, the initial RTI response, which was received in December 2019 said there were a total of 13 sanctioned PO posts, one of which was vacant. There were also five sanctioned APO posts, four of which were vacant, and 12 sanctioned TA posts, one of which was lying vacant.


According to the association’s second RTI response, which was received in March 2022, two vacant posts—one for a PO (vacant since February 20, 2019) and one for a TA (vacant since October 30, 2017)—had been referred to the government for requisition to the NPSC. But it claimed that the posts had not yet reached the commission while there was no mention of the vacancy of 1 Associate Program Officer and 3 Assistant Program Officers.


However, as per RTI reply received in August 2022, the association said that Er. Kevizanu Visa, Er. Kevilienuo Kire, Er. Kumughato G was granted scale of pay under the post of Assistant Program Officer while Mr. Kezeneilhou Mhasi was granted scale of pay under the post of Associate Program Officer, all under IT&C Office notification Dt. 19.01.2021.
Therefore, CTAN has asked the department to immediately send the vacant posts of 1 Program Officer, 4 posts of APO and 1 post of Technical Assistant to NPSC for direct recruitment on or before 15th September 2022.

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