Pfutsero, 31 July (MTNews): The newly commissioned ‘fruit and vegetable processing centre’ of the Chakhesang Women Welfare Society (CWWS) at Pfustero in Phek district is looking at empowering Naga farmers by taking their products to the global market.
The centre was launched by the Minister of Horticulture and Women Resource Development, Salhoutuonuo Kruse on 29 July.


The processing set up includes pack-house with a capacity of 500 kg/shift, multi-commodity dehydration plant of 200 kg/batch, spices processing set up with 300 kg/shift, ready-to-cook (RTC) products with 100 kg/shift, fruit candies with 100 kg/shift, and salad boxes with 500 nos/shift.


In a statement, the CWWS said that it is also committed to offering safe food, specialty ingredients, diet food, functional food, brews and tea infusions, ready-to-cook products, seasonings and spices.


Some of the products were launched during the inauguration on 29 July including pineapple tit-bits, pineapple crown flakes, high curcumin powder, coriander leave flakes, banana stem powder, dehydrated yarrow leaves and flowers, dehydrated beans flakes, dehydrated spring onion flakes, Sichuan leaves flakes, bitter gourd flakes, dehydrated cabbage flakes, and dehydrated Himalayan knotweed flakes.


“All products are for functional food manufacturers, active Pharma Ingredient Sector, ready-to-cook Product OE Companies, seasoning industry, and direct export.


The centre envisages empowering the Naga farmers and to offer healthy food ingredients to the global market, the Chakhesang Women Welfare Society said.

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