Tuli, 23 May (MTNews): Damage of the RCC Deck Slab of the bridge located at Tzümok River, specifically positioned at 8.400 km on the AT Road that connects Tzüsangra and Impur has been reported. The revelation came to light through a letter dated 23 May 2023, submitted by the Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department (R&B) Feeder Road Division, Tuli.


Following the receipt of this information, a joint verification process was promptly initiated, involving key stakeholders such as the District Administration, Police Department, Public Works Department (R&B), Feeder Road Division, Tuli, and Asangma Village Council. The objective of this collaborative effort was to assess the extent of the damage caused to the bridge.


Upon careful examination, it was determined that the damage to the bridge is significant and poses a potential risk of life-threatening incidents if left unattended. In the interest of public safety and to facilitate immediate repairs, a prohibition on all forms of vehicular movement on the bridge has been enforced from 24 May to 6 June, 2023.


The decision to prohibit vehicular movement was made to prevent any potential disasters and to allow for the necessary repair and renovation work to take place promptly.

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