Consequent upon the announcement of the 18th Lok Sabha Election 2024, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) and District Election Officer (DEO), Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji has directed all government officials, political parties, and candidates to strictly adhere to the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) issued by the Election Commission of India. Any violation will be dealt with according to the relevant laws and regulations, the DC & DEO stated.

Prohibition of political activities: It was informed that all political activities, including rallies, public meetings, and processions must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the MCC. Any political gathering must obtain the necessary permissions from the appropriate authorities.

Prohibition on use of govt resources: The use of government machinery, resources, and facilities for campaigning or any other political purpose by any political party or candidate is strictly prohibited. This includes vehicles, premises, personnel, and any other government assets.

Maintaining Peace and Order: All concerned must maintain law and order throughout the district to ensure a peaceful electoral process. Any incidents of violence, intimidation, or coercion must be dealt with promptly and impartially by law enforcement agencies.

Further, all concerned departments and officials have been instructed to implement these directives diligently and ensure full compliance with the MCC for the 18th Lok Sabha Election in Mokokchung District.

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