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Dimapur, 23 January (MTNews): Nagaland’s Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton highlighted the crucial role of Gaon Burhas (GBs) as custodians of Naga customs and traditional practices during the inauguration of the GBs Union Office cum Customary Court in Dimapur. Speaking at the event, Patton emphasized the responsibilities of GBs in dispensing customary law and justice in villages and rural areas, considering them pillars of Naga society.

GB Dimapur Y Patton

The minister underscored the significance of GBs as essential figures in maintaining law and order, acting as government machinery both in villages and urban sectors. Patton urged GBs not to hinder government functioning but rather act as catalysts for effective governance. He called upon all GBs in Nagaland to meet the expectations of the people and contribute positively to the administration.

Strengthening the institution of GBs, according to Patton, is crucial for sustaining Nagaland’s indigenous governance. He expressed that empowering the union is an investment in preserving cherished traditions and securing the future.

In addition to inaugurating the GBs Union office, Patton commended the union for its enduring strength and spirit. He urged the GB Union Dimapur, situated in the Urban Sector of Dimapur Town, to set an example for others and fulfill their myriad tasks effectively.

Patton, addressing the challenges faced by GBs in Dimapur, particularly in handling illegal immigration, called upon village heads to identify any illegal immigrants in their jurisdictions. Drawing parallels with Tripura, where the original inhabitants have dwindled to 25%, Patton clarified that he referred to those without valid documents as illegal immigrants.

Highlighting the complexity of the roles of GBs in urban Dimapur, Patton acknowledged their crucial responsibilities in overseeing a diverse population and commercial activities. He emphasized that GBs, appointed by the government, should not obstruct government functioning but act as intermediaries between citizens and the government.

Patton expressed satisfaction over the GB Union Dimapur finally acquiring an office building 34 years after its establishment in 1990. The minister concluded the event by acknowledging the contributions of donors who supported the establishment of the GBs Union office.

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