Meriema, 14 February (MTNews): During the inauguration of Government High School Meriema on 14 February, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio highlighted the collective failure contributing to the deterioration in the quality of education across government schools in Nagaland.

“In all government schools, highly qualified teachers are appointed. However, we’ve witnessed a gradual deterioration in the quality of education in government schools. It’s a collective failure,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of revitalizing these institutions to their former prominence stating, “We must come together and take government schools to the lofty positions they used to be in the past.”

CM Rio stressed the need for community involvement in safeguarding government school assets and praised Meriema Village Council for their contributions to constructing additional classrooms. He further urged everyone to protect and maintain the assets that the government has created across Nagaland over the years.

He called for unity in improving education standards, stating, “Let us all be a part of this noble journey,” expressing hope that the event marks a new era for Government High School Meriema and education in Nagaland.

Government High School Meriema, established as a Mission School in the late 1920s, has a long history of providing quality education to the community. Upgraded to a High School in 2011, it is recognized as one of the best-maintained schools in the region. GHS Meriema has a high enrollment rate and is part of the NECTAR Nagaland project.

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