Mokokchung, 14 February (MTNews): Hayithung Bill Lotha, Ex NPP MP Lok Sabha candidate 2019 has issued a rallying cry for a unified approach towards the upcoming Lok Sabha election, advocating for a “Consensus Naga BJP candidate.” Lotha asserted that the current political climate, coupled with BJP’s anticipated victory in India’s 2024 general election, presents an opportune moment for Nagas to elect a representative in their best interest.

Reflecting on Nagaland’s historical electoral insignificance with only one elected member out of 543 in the Lok Sabha, Lotha emphasized the need for a strategic shift. He criticized past regional party MPs for their perceived ineffectiveness in securing central funding and addressing key issues due to the state’s marginalization with just one MP.

He suggested that a unified support for a BJP candidate could enhance the state’s political clout and facilitate better representation in the central government, particularly amid ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks. Lotha also extended a plea to opposition parties, including Congress, RPP, and LJP (RV), urging joint cooperation in selecting a consensus Naga candidate.
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