Dimapur, 23 June (MTNews): The Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) has taken a proactive step to address the issue of illegal dumping of garbage and waste by empowering the Dimapur Urban Council Chairmen Federation and GBs Union (Urban) Dimapur. These bodies have now been authorized to effectively tackle the problem of illegal dumping in drains and littering in public spaces within their respective colonies and wards. Their primary responsibility will be to monitor and enforce penalties against offenders.


An order issued by DMC Administrator W Manpai Phom outlines the penalties to be imposed for violations. For the first offense, a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed, followed by Rs 2000 for the second offense, and Rs 5000 for the third offense. The DMC Administrator said receipts will be issued, records will be maintained and monthly reports will be submitted to the DMC. The amount collected through these penalties will be utilized for sanitation and waste management expenses in the wards and colonies.


The DMC also expressed concern over the rampant and irresponsible littering and dumping of garbage and solid waste in drains and open public spaces. This uncontrolled disposal of waste has resulted in blockages and clogging of drains, affecting the main drainage system within the DMC’s jurisdiction. Consequently, several low-lying areas in Dimapur have experienced flooding and inundation due to the backflow of water.


DMC further said the present system of waste collection under DMC is in place where garbage and municipal solid waste is collected from point to point covering all the wards under the municipality and that waste is to be disposed either in sanitation vehicles detailed for the purpose or in designated commercial waste collection points.

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