In a recent meeting with the Business Association of Nagaland (BAN) in Guwahati on 26 March, 2024, Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) General Manager Chetan Kumar Srivastava shed light on the project to have world-class railway facilities nationwide, spearheaded by Prime Minister Modi. Dimapur station was also earmarked for this transformation, he revealed.

BAN Railway Tuli Dimapur
Business Association of Nagas (BAN) delegation with Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR)

However, Srivastava lamented that the endeavor has been hampered by persistent land encroachment issues. As a result, a phase-wise approach has been adopted, with priority given to areas currently under the possession of NF Railway. The initial phase, scheduled to commence in April 2024, will focus on developing those areas.

Last September, Srivastava informed reporters that the Centre has already sanctioned Rs 280 crore for the development of Dimapur railway station into a world-class station but the execution has been delayed due to land encroachment issues.

During the 26 March meeting, discussions veered towards future phases, depending upon resolving land availability challenges. BAN expressed its full support and commitment to assist in all possible ways throughout the development process.

BAN also advocated for an increased stoppage time of trains at Dimapur Station. Citing its significance as the second-largest revenue-generating station under NFR, BAN underscored the pressing need to prolong stoppage time to alleviate overcrowding which increases the risk of accidents, thefts, and other safety hazards, deterring passengers from using the service, especially during peak hours.

“Unruly behavior, pushing, and shoving in crowded situations can further exacerbate the challenges faced by passengers, particularly the elderly and those with medical conditions,” remarked BAN, emphasizing the need of addressing these concerns to improve passengers’ experience and safety.

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It observed that actions such as extending stoppage times, upgrading Dimapur station for technical services such as servicing, watering, and greasing are necessary. However, it highlighted how there is a lack of space due to a land dispute and noted that resolving this issue is paramount.

Prabhas Dansana, IRTS, Principal Chief Commercial Manager, NFR, emphasized the concept of the “One Station One Product” scheme to benefit Nagaland, urging BAN’s active participation in connecting local beneficiaries with the Railways across India at a minimal rental rate. To this, BAN resolved to collaborate with NF Railway and explore all possibilities to leverage the infrastructure effectively through active involvement of its members.

Furthermore, BAN advocated for extending freight discounts beyond 600km for emerging states, citing the potential to stimulate growth and regional development. The importance of such incentives in accessing resource-rich areas like Tripura was underscored.

Following discussions, the Principal Chief Commercial Manager requested BAN to draft a report with a proposal outlining the quantity and frequency of off-take for evaluation and consideration.

BAN also submitted a letter to GM, NF Railway, addressing the implementation of Facilitating Agricultural Trade, Development of Dedicated Yards and Weighment Facilities.

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