Dimapur, January 16 (MTNews): H Tovihoto Ayemi, advisor to the power department, government of Nagaland, formally inaugurated the Walford Area Council Hall in the presence of colony leaders and elders on Monday.



Ayemi said at the Walford Area Council’s inaugural ceremony in Dimapur, “Naga people can achieve anything we value and desire through unity and positive mindset and by living together as one people.”


There are five different Naga colonies in the Walford Area, each of which is home to a different Naga tribe and non-Naga community.


Ayemi praised the leaders and public of the five colonies for having a single common council, saying that such unity and understanding among the residents is admirable and a requirement for the betterment of society.


Stating that initiatives of various types and levels can be taken but things will not materialize unless there is a commitment that is followed by action, he said the joint effort of people in the Walford area, as well as their support and cooperation, led to the building’s early and timely completion. He said such eagerness from public and community leaders is essential in implementing and developing activities.


He stated that Naga society comprised of different tribes and communities that have coexisted since time immemorial, and that as a vibrant society, they must continue to coexist and progress accordingly.


He also emphasized the importance of strengthening women’s and youth organizations by providing them with more opportunities to discharge their fair share of responsibility for the welfare of the society.

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