Nagaland living the theme ‘Land of Festivals’ as Shamator celebrates Tsüngkam and Phek concludes Sükrünye festival

The Sükrünye and Youth Festival held at the Local Ground Phek Town began on January 15 and concluded today with Kumar Ramnikant IAS, DC Phek as the guest speaker.


Shamator Town Thüneo Committee organized Tsüngkam Neo on January 16th 2023 (IA Shamator)


Speaking at the celebration, the DC spoke on the significance of Sükrünye Festival – “purification”- for which he called upon the people to purify one’s heart so that celebration of the festival becomes meaningful.


He acknowledged people’s support for preserving traditional festivals and said, “Culture is our identity that makes us unique,” and called upon upcoming youths to sincerely preserve their traditional culture and also urged them to come forward with new ideas that make good for the community.


Meanwhile, along with the rest of the Yimkhiungrüs across the state, Shamator Town Thüneo Committee organized Tsüngkam Neo today with S Yanba as special guest. The Y. Anner – oldest village -also celebrated Tsüngkam Neo festival with a prayer from Pastor Pintsü and a message from K Yimtokiu, Head GB. The village council also organized competitions such as volleyball, traditional songs and dances and top spinning.

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