Mokokchung, 16 June (MTNews): Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, and High court of Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh, Justice Sandeep Mehta virtually inaugurated the District Court Complex, Mokokchung today in the presence of Justice Kakheto Sema, Portfolio Judge of Mokokchung District and R Ramakrishnan IAS, principal secretary, Department of Law and Justice.




‘Significance of judicial infrastructure extend beyond its physical structure’

Justice Kakheto Sema, addressing the inaugural program of the District Court Complex, said that the inauguration of the judicial infrastructure holds profound significance, extending far beyond its physical structure; It embodies the collective aspirations of a fair, accessible, and efficient legal system, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to upholding justice, safeguarding rights, and fostering social harmony in Nagaland.


Sema emphasized the pivotal role of District Courts as the primary point of contact for individuals seeking legal remedies. Recognizing their crucial importance, he stressed the necessity for equipping these courts adequately to handle diverse caseloads effectively.


With great optimism, Justice Sema expressed his hope that the provision of well-stocked libraries, state of the art facilities, and organized administrative offices will enhance the overall efficiency of the judicial process. He emphasized the importance of prompt and fair delivery of justice, bridging the gap between rural and urban areas, ensuring equal access to justice for all citizens, regardless of their geographic location.


“Investing in modern courtrooms embracing technology and providing supportive facilities,” Justice Sema declared, “we ensure that justice reaches every citizen in Nagaland.”


Highlighting the fundamental significance of judicial infrastructure at the district level in a small state like Nagaland, Justice Sema stressed that it forms the bedrock upon which a fair and accessible legal system is built. Encouraging all attendees, he called for a collective celebration of this momentous occasion, urging a renewed commitment to upholding justice for the betterment of the state.


The technical aspects of the construction were presented in a comprehensive report by Er Sungti Amer, the Executive Engineer of CAWD Nagaland. The construction of the building commenced in December 2016 and concluded in June 2023, with a total project cost of INR 869.34 lakhs, including additional works. Additional works included Podium for courtroom, construction of lift shaft, construction of bore well, and installation of lift machine.


The imposing G+4 storied RCC structure, complete with a basement, spans an expansive plinth area of 16,187 sq.ft. It encompasses chambers for judges, including the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) and Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC), along with well-appointed courtrooms, staff rooms, a malkhana, and separate lock-up facilities. The provision of gender-specific Water Closets ensures convenience and inclusivity.


The inaugural program witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, including Somet C Chang NJS, the Principal District & Session Judge of Mokokchung, who delivered the welcome address.
Thsuvisie Phoji, the Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung, emphasized the judiciary’s vital role in upholding justice within a free and democratic nation. He expressed optimism that the new infrastructure would provide ample space for the delivery of justice under the umbrella of this remarkable building.


R Ramakrishnan, the Principal Secretary of the Department of Law & Justice, pointed out the prevailing preference for customary courts due to their quick responses and results. He challenged the judges and all judiciary officials to leverage the new infrastructure as an opportunity to deliver swift judgments and justice to the people.

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