Impur, 16 June (MTNews): The staff notation training for Zone 1 & 2 of ABAM was successfully held in Impur from 13-16 June.




According to Rev. Dr. Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, ABAM, as the music takes a significant share in the propagation of the gospel, it has become the core values in Christian Ministry.


Taking this importance into account, ABAM Music Ministry under Church and Mission Ministry has taken a major step by incorporating a series of staff notation training sessions in their ministry’s calendar since 2022.


Thus far, he said, hundreds of individuals with an interest in music have availed of the basics of music, resulting in positive changes in the way congregations sing in their churches.


This training program marked the completion of the fourth phase of staff notation training scheduled by the ABAM Music Ministry for 2023.


Further, the ABAM Executive Secretary also extended gratitude to Diphupar B Baptist Church for hosting Zone 8 & 9 from 25-28 April and to all the attendees who participated in the training.


The ministry anticipates further contributions towards maintaining a balanced approach to music in all the churches under the constituent of ABAM.


ABAM also appreciated Asenla Longchar, Coordinator, Music Ministry, ABAM, who took all the responsibilities on her shoulder and made the training series more appealing. Altogether 69 persons from 25 churches attended the training.


“May God continue to empower the ABAM Music Ministry to provide uniformity in congregational singing in the local churches and also for the enriching proclamation of the gospel,” said Pongener.

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