Kohima, 14 June (MTNews): The Nagaland State Election Department has announced the schedule for Pre-Revision Activities and Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls, as notified by the Election Commission of India, with the qualifying date set as the first of January 2024.


Awa Lorin, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, stated that the Pre-Revision activities would include training sessions for Electoral Registration Officers (EROs), Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (AEROs), and Booth Level Officers (BLOs), scheduled to be conducted from June to 20th July, 2023.


House-to-house verification by BLOs will take place from 21st July to 21st August, 2023. Rationalization and re-arrangement of polling stations, removal of discrepancies in the Electoral Roll and Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs), and approval of polling stations will be undertaken from 22nd August to 29th September, 2023. The publication of the Integrated Electoral Draft Roll is set for 17th October.


The period for filing claims and objections will be from 17th October to 30th November 2023, with the disposal of claims and objections expected to be completed by 1st January, 2024. The Final Electoral Roll will then be published on 5th January, 2024.

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