Wokha, 14 June (MTNews): Wokha Village Youth Organization (WVYO) has taken a strong stance against the discrepancies and inadequate execution of the ongoing two-lane construction of NH-2 from KM 72.40 to KM 83 within Wokha district.


In an effort to voice the concerns of the people and ensure proper road development as per the specifications of the DPR, the WVYO has formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC). The JAC has approached the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Wokha, urging immediate attention and action regarding the issues at hand.


Following WVYO’s request, DC Wokha issued a circular inviting all stakeholders for a joint inspection on 20 May to address the construction-related concerns. The joint inspection revealed discrepancies at 106 locations along the designated stretch. Subsequently, the JAC presented an ultimatum to DC Wokha, demanding to “take swift action to remove these encroachments within the Right of Way (ROW) within the next 20 (Twenty) days from the date of this ultimatum.”


In the ultimatum letter, the JAC outlined the various discrepancies identified during the joint inspection by district administration, PWD (NH) officials, TTC Infra Company, line departments and JAC. They also raised the problems with landowners who, despite receiving compensation, continued to erect structures within the ROW with some even declining to provide space for the ROW, thereby undermining the effectiveness of the compensation process. The JAC expressed suspicions that either affected landowners did not receive full compensation or there was a more complex conspiracy at play.


With the lapse of the ultimatum, the JAC has decided to impose an indefinite bandh along NH-2 passing through Wokha, effective from 6:00 AM of 20 until their demands are met. The key demands include addressing all 106 marked discrepancies within the ROW, reconstructing and rectifying pavement alignments, drainages, retaining walls, breast walls, and culverts, as well as investigating and taking action against those involved in the misappropriation of compensation funds totaling Rs 18 crores.


The JAC has exempted certain essential services, including administration, police, paramilitary forces, medical services, fire and emergency services, postal services, and the press, from the bandh.


The JAC said that despite the JAC’s efforts to seek justice through official channels, DC Wokha has failed to take concrete action and, therefore, the organization said that DC Wokha shall be solely held ‘responsible and accountable’ in the event of any authority or individual attempting to undermine, obstruct, or hinder the genuine demands listed above.

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