Kohima, 3 April (MTNews): In a bid to ensure free, fair and inducement free election in the State, the Commissioner & Returning Officer 1-Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency Sushil Kumar Patel IAS along with a team of Election Observers, convened a significant meeting with contesting candidates and political parties on April 3, 2024.

election observers Nagaland
The meeting held at the Conference Hall of the Commissioner & RO served as a platform for open discussion on various issues pertinent to the electoral process.

Present at the meeting were General Observers Avinash Champawat IAS and P. Ramesh IAS, Police Observer Sukesh Kumar Jain IPS, and Expenditure Observers Vivek Chauhan IRS and Satya Batra IRAS.

Key topics addressed during the meeting included the handling of Postal Ballots, vehicle permissions for election-related activities, and the role of stakeholders in upholding democratic values. The Commissioner & Returning Officer provided insights into the procedures for handling different types of postal ballots and clarified protocols regarding vehicle permissions.

The importance of conducting elections in a free, fair and inducement free election, emphasizing the need for all stakeholders to adhere strictly to the code of conduct and ethical guidelines to ensure the integrity of the electoral process was reiterated.

During the meeting, candidates and political party representatives voiced their concerns and sought clarifications on various issues and the same was clarified.

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