Lumami, 3 April 3 (MTNews): The three-day NAAC Peer Team Visit across all campuses of Nagaland University culminated today with a grand exit program held at the Auditorium of Nagaland University, Headquarters: Lumami. The event marked the successful completion of the visit, highlighting the collaborative efforts of the university community in showcasing its excellence in higher education, PRO in-charge of the University, Ashish Kumar, said.

Professor Dipak Sinha (Director, IQAC) extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the tone for the proceedings. Vice-Chancellor Professor Jagadish Kumar Patnaik expressed his elation and gratitude towards every member of Nagaland University for their exemplary dedication and hard work throughout the NAAC Peer Team visit.

The distinguished Chairperson of the NAAC Peer Team, Professor B Goswami, former Vice-Chancellor of Cotton University, delivered a stirring speech, commending the officials and staff of Nagaland University for their hospitality and cooperation during the team’s visit. Professor Goswami also conveyed optimism regarding the university’s prospects for receiving an outstanding grade, pending the evaluation by the Executive Committee of the NAAC.

Registrar Dr Abemo provided insights into the post-visit procedures, informing that the university eagerly anticipates the outcome of the NAAC evaluation, which will be determined during the upcoming meeting of the Executive Committee.

Dr Latonglila Jamir, Assistant Director of IQAC, chaired the program, overseeing its smooth conduct and ensuring the active participation of all attendees.

In a symbolic gesture, Professor Goswami, accompanied by other members of the NAAC Peer Team, presented the comprehensive report of their observations and assessments to Vice-Chancellor Jagadish Kumar Patnaik, symbolizing the culmination of the rigorous evaluation process.

The exit program served as a testament to the collective dedication and commitment of Nagaland University towards excellence in higher education and institutional development.

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