Enhance your Christmas with ‘Asens Creative Cakes’

Christmas has always been associated with decorations, gifts, and happiness, and for a little sweetness, everyone’s favorite, the Christmas cake! But, in the end, it all comes down to who your favorite baker is!



Talisenla Longchar


Talisenla Longchar is just one of the town’s incredible bakers. Unlike many others, her journey into baking began when her jewelry business, “Asen’s creation,” came to an abrupt halt during the Corona pandemic. “Who will bother to wear jewelry during such a distressing time?” she asks.


But this somehow rekindled her childhood passion for decorating cakes! To satisfy her desire to use her creativity in cake decorating, she began taking online baking classes, researching expert bakers on YouTube, and investing her own money in perfecting her baking skills. And, after many trials, she finally got the desired results. She was equally adept at baking and designing jewelry.


Apart from the joy she was getting from baking, she realized that it had the potential to make her clients smile and feel special whenever she added a personal touch, which piqued her interest even more in baking. And, of course, it rewarded her hard work monetarily. As a result, she began her baking journey via her Instagram account, @asens_creative_cakes.


Although Asen is a mother of two boys, she makes motherhood appear effortless. She admits that motherhood is difficult, but she believes that with proper management, one can always turn it around.


“I have to thank my husband for this because his kind assistance has made everything possible,” she says.


Asen, who began her baking career from the ground up, believes that a baker’s skills always stand out when there is talent.


“However, if you want to survive the tough competition, you must have a business promotion plan. If you have the talent, skills, and plans, I am confident that you can advance in our society as a baker,” she reassured.



Her business can be found on Instagram at @asens_creative_cakes.









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