Mokokchung, 2 April (MTNews): The Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) has reaffirmed its position to abstain from both state and parliamentary elections. In solidarity with the ENPO, the Eastern Nagaland Women’s Organization has delineated five points.

To demand accountability
By abstaining from elections, citizens are sending a powerful message to the government that their actions or lack thereof, have consequences. This can serve as a catalyst for the government to prioritize accountability and transparency in their actions, knowing that the electorate will not simply accept broken promises

To ensure immediate response
Continuously participating in elections despite repeated failures can perpetuate a cycle of complacency within the government. By abstaining from elections, citizens are signaling that they expect real and tangible change, encouraging politicians to address issues that have long been ignored or neglected.

To strengthen democratic principles
Democracy thrives on the active participation and engagement of its citizens. By abstaining from elections as a form of protest, people are exercising their democratic right to hold their leaders accountable and demand better governance. This action reinforces the principle that elected officials serve at the pleasure of the people and must uphold their promises.

To promote alternative engagement
Abstaining from elections doesn’t necessarily mean disengagement from civic life. It can open up avenues for alternative forms of activism and community involvement, such as grassroots movements, advocacy campaigns, or direct engagement with policymakers. These forms of engagement can be more effective in driving meaningful change than simply casting a vote in a flawed system.

To build solidarity and unity
The collective decision to abstain from election signifies solidarity among people who are disillusioned with the current state of governance. It demonstrates that people are willing to stand together in demanding better leadership and accountability. This unity can exert significant pressure on the government to address the concerns and grievances of the public.

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