Jongpongsosang Lemtur


Jongpongsosang Lemtur from Longsa village was born and raised in Mokokchung and stayed there till his graduation before moving to Dimapur to take up fine arts.


Like many other kids, Jongpong grew up watching cartoons such as Pokémon and Tom and Jerry and used to draw in his books and that was how he fell in love with art at a very young age.


Taking inspiration from all influential artists out there, in 2020, he dropped the idea of pursuing his masters and went on to pursue fine arts in Dimapur at Wandering Minds Institute of Fine Arts which he claims was one of the most difficult decisions he has made so far.

“I decided it’s better to do something I’m interested in though it may be a tough path. So, after much discussion, I didn’t go for MA but decided to pursue my field of interest,” he said.


“Till 2020 I was only drawing with pencil and pen but then, I decided to try painting and the first painting I did was on the walls of my room at Kumlong Ward which is still there,” he said.

Speaking of his participation in competitions, he said he does not identify himself as someone who would be interested in competitions but has earned 30 dollars in an online competition he once experienced.


“I once participated in a competition that was organized by someone from the US on twitter; it was not a huge competition but I’m still glad I got something,” he said.

“At the moment I’m not really into participating at competitions so I do not have much experience on it. I’m still in my first year of fine art study so as of now, I just want to learn more about art,” he added.


Jongpong, apart from painting and drawing, has also started doing digital artworks and is an ardent lover of photography.


He also does little craft work with leftover materials in his free time as seen in the pictures:


Speaking about a career in art, he optimistically said that he looks forward to doing anything related to art to make a living. He believes that Art is any creative skill that a person puts into practice in making something that people may appreciate.



You can reach out to him for his work at
+91 8837016911


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