For years, residents of Mokokchung Town have grappled with a neglected stretch of road – the one running from Rotary Junction to the IOC Petrol Pump intersection. This road, a vital artery connecting various wards, has suffered from a lack of proper maintenance, becoming a significant source of inconvenience and frustration for commuters. It stands as one of the busiest roads in Mokokchung town, second only to NH2, and is notorious for frequent traffic jams.

Chairmen from five wards – Sangtemla, Arkong, Aongza, Salangtem, and Kichutip – have thankfully submitted a plea to the Director of the Urban Development Department, highlighting the road’s dire state. Representing the voices of the people, the chairmen of the five wards have sounded a clarion call for action. This proactive step deserves applause, irrespective of whether the concerned department pays heed.

The plea rightly emphasizes the urgency of the situation. Years of neglect have left the road in a dilapidated condition, further compounded by the absence of a proper drainage system. Mere superficial fixes won’t suffice; what’s required are fundamental improvements that will enhance the quality of life for all stakeholders. A well-maintained road not only enhances traffic flow and reduces travel time but also improves safety for pedestrians and motorists alike. Proper drainage will prevent further deterioration and ensure the road’s longevity, ultimately saving taxpayer money in the long run.

This initiative by the ward authorities sets a positive precedent for community engagement. Their recognition of the problem and proactive approach demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives of those they represent. It is imperative that the Urban Development Department takes heed of this plea and expedites the necessary action. A well-maintained road is not just a matter of convenience; it is a cornerstone of progress and prosperity for Mokokchung Town.

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