Last week, in Mokokchung, a group of individuals with a vision for the future organized a seminar on digital marketing. One could say they were not only visionary but also realistic people who understand the changing reality – individuals who comprehend that the future is now.

Of course, digital marketing is too vast a subject to be grasped or instilled in a single one-day seminar. In fact, a minimum of three months’ course is required to learn the basics of digital marketing. Nonetheless, the world is now in the digital age, and all applause goes to the Chungtia Lanur Ajongmesoba Committee and the Chungtia Students’ Union Mokokchung (CSUM) for organizing the seminar, and most importantly, for conceptualizing the idea, while others organize the much-overrated “career guidance seminars.”

It is not to say that “career guidance seminars” are not needed, but the point is that understanding the changing times and tuning percepts to understand the changing reality is a quotient short in supply in Mokokchung. Moreover, the manner in which “career guidance seminars” are usually held in Mokokchung is also not very productive.

What is even more significant about the seminar on digital marketing, as stated above, is that the organizers were working on their own without any government assistance. In places like Kohima and Dimapur, there are a number of lobbyist groups working hard to attract government funding to organize such seminars. As a result, such seminars are being organized every now and then.

However, it is a rarity in Mokokchung, and it is hoped that similar seminars would be conducted by other organizers from now on. We need to equip our youngsters with essential skills in programming, web development, digital marketing, data science, cybersecurity, and more, if we want them to be at par with children from other places in this competitive world. We must aspire to create a dynamic learning ecosystem where individuals thrive, grow, and lead in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. The age of rote learning is passé.

Today, AI is augmenting human creativity, enabling businesses to connect with audiences in more meaningful, efficient, and impactful ways, ultimately shaping a new era of marketing excellence. Even if we as parents want our kids to remain boxed in the “tradition” of rote learning, we must at least realize that our children will be left behind by the times if they do not have the digital skills and knowledge.

We need to build a system to empower youngsters, our prospective entrepreneurs, to leverage AI-driven insights and automation tools to create impactful businesses, connect with audiences on a deeper level, and drive sustainable growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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