Dimapur, 14 June (MTNews): Former NPCC President K Therie has raised concerns over the prolonged neglect of Dimapur, the commercial hub of the state, by the government. In a press statement, Therie emphasized the urgent need for immediate action to address the city’s sewage management and sewerage, citing them as the top priority.


Therie highlighted the persistent public inconveniences plaguing Dimapur, including recurrent flooding, blocked drains breeding mosquitoes year-round, congested roads, traffic jams, encroachments, erratic power supply, and depleting groundwater levels.


Drawing attention to the need for environmental preservation, Therie stressed the importance of tree plantations along the roadsides. He also called for a more organized distribution of power lines, urging that they should not occupy both sides of the roads.


“In winter, dust and pollution covers everything; in summer, floods submerge vast areas leaving the remaining areas mushy. These are the living conditions in a state with one of the highest literacy rates,” he added.


Stating that Dimapur is already a city in terms of population and requires amenities like housing, transportation, sanitation, land use, production, and communication, Therie said the distinction between town and city should not be confused, as Dimapur meets the criteria of a city.


Highlighting the existing population statistics, Therie noted that the 2011 census recorded approximately 378,000 residents in Dimapur District alone. Additionally, he acknowledged the significant floating population, estimated at around 50,000 individuals per day, as well as the daily vehicular traffic volume exceeding 10,000, complemented by rail and air travel.


In this regard, he emphasized the urgent need for proper sewage management and sewerage in Dimapur, considering it as the top priority. He viewed that addressing these issues would alleviate problems like floods, blocked drains, and pipelines.


Therie further mentioned how he previously proposed a project for constructing a comprehensive sewage management system and sewerage in Dimapur during his time as a Minister PHE in 1993, estimated to cost Rs. 70 crores. However, he expressed uncertainty regarding the project’s progress after it was handed over to the Urban Department by the State Planning Board.


“The project must be taken up with sufficient technical back up. Proficiency is a must to deliver reliable and permanent structure. It is the responsibility of Municipal bodies and elected Members to initiate and insist,’ he stated.

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