Mangkolemba, 23 February (MTNews): The Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) Mangkolemba has been facing several pressing issues such as the absence of a school auditorium, poor road connectivity, and staffing shortages. In a bid to address these critical agendas, a consultative meeting was convened on 22 February 2024 at the school premises.

The meeting was chaired by Sashikala, Chairman of the School Management and Development Committee (SMDC), and Principal of GHSS. After lengthy deliberations, the attendees resolved to construct a school auditorium and constituted a committee with the following members: ADC Mangkolemba as Chairman and the Principal of GHSS as the member Secretary.

Other members include the Executive Engineer from PWD R&B, the Presidents of Mangkolemba Town Students Union and Mangkolemba Town Ao Lanur Telungjem, Head GB, and the President of Watsu Mangkolemba Unit.

Regarding the shortage of teachers and LDA cum Computer Assistant, the attendees decided to take the matter to higher authorities with the assistance of the Mangkolemba Town Students Union.

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