Mokokchung, 21 March (MTNews): The president of the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (NSCN-IM), Q Tuccu, on Tuesday said that the Government of India is planning clandestinely to strike the Nagas with all its state machinery.


During the 44th Republic Day celebration of the NSCN-IM, president Tuccu underlined the ‘absurdity of the situation regarding Indo-Naga political talks’ stating that it was the Government of India’s making. He claimed that the GoI’s commitment to the Framework Agreement turned unsavoury with each passing day.


“All the way it is only ‘all bluff and bluster’. No seriousness!” Tuccu stated, adding, there is a trust deficit on the part of the Government of India.


He also recalled how after the signing of the Framework Agreement in 2015, Prime Minister Modi proclaimed before the world that he had solved the longest insurgency problem in Southeast Asia.


“The world at large is keenly watching how India handles the Framework Agreement,” Tuccu said, adding, “Our political identity as a sovereign people is well recognized and protected by this agreement. But in the years that followed, the Government of India started to fiddle with what has been agreed upon. Today the fate of the Framework Agreement hangs in balance as the commitment of the Government of India fluctuates wildly every now and then.”


“The hard fact remains that the politics of “hypocrisy and flattery” is raising its ugly heads again as the Government of India is only looking for an escape route to dilute the political significance of the Framework Agreement,” Tuccu remarked.


Stating that Naga flag and constitution are indispensable and inviolable parts of the recognized sovereignty and unique history of the Nagas, he said, “the way to handle any situation that might arise has been well defined in no uncertain term during the 31st May, 2022 Emergency National Assembly when we took the stand before God and before the Naga people that NSCN will uphold and protect the unique Naga history and the Naga National principle at any cost.”


“We are now simply waiting for the Government of India to pick up the threads of the Indo-Naga political talks with correct narrative and not for its own convenience,” he added.
And in case the talks fail, he said, we have to work out a survival strategy.


“We must live and that this final showdown must be a battle to decide our future. The fight is going to be tough, but it is to be noted that ours is not a contest of strength, it is a matter of right and wrong, just and unjust. Therefore, the truth shall triumph in the long run,” he added.


Notwithstanding the callous manner of handling the Naga issue by the Government of India, he said, the talks have been carried forward with total commitment and conviction because no sacrifice is too great when it comes to defending the historical and political rights of the Nagas.


“Let us therefore keep our spirits high and never allow despair to overcome us, because the deciding factor for solution is in our total faith in the sovereign God and our national issue.”
“Significantly, it is for the Government of India to put its acts together and get back the lost ground. The ball is, therefore, in the court of India,” he concluded.

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