Protracted Naga imbroglio is purely political: NSCN Akato Chophi

Dimapur, 21 March (MTNews): The issue of the protracted Naga imbroglio is neither of social cause, nor economic, nor military, nor religious, but purely political in nature, president of the NSCN/GPRN Akato Chophi, on Tuesday, said during the 44th Republic Day celebration of the NSCN/GPRN.


According to him, “If any solution that is acceptable and honorable to all is to be achieved or arrived at (sooner than later), it can be facilitated, addressed and hammered out only through the ‘Political Pathway’ and none other.”


Stating that the contributions made by the founding fathers cannot be left in the back burner, he encouraged the need to appreciate and acknowledge and remind their sacrifices to the contemporary age of young upcoming generations.


“The commendable but selfless acts and extreme sacrifices made by our pioneers and visionary leaders that took shape on this very day, the 21st of March 1980 under the banner and flagship of NSCN, cannot be ignored but need to retrospect and be recognized with due honor,” he stated.


He further pointed out that despite Nagas being generally known for bravery, chivalry and being simple natured, the Nagas are yet naive and gullible and, therefore, “gets unfortunately coaxed and coerced into empty pep talks of nothing and the empty vessels of political rhetoric.”


“The Nagas were made to believe and lured into the era of doom by certain malicious masterminds, under the guise of sugar coated appeasement policies, which in reality were actually insidious schemes,” he said, adding that in the whirlpool of confusions, chaos and fuss created by the brainchild of our adversaries, the opportunist minds, right away jumped into the fray of the political mess and unrest and who blatantly took advantage of the situation and forged weapons of political ‘Whiplash’ to counter and subdue the Nagas.


As unfortunate as it seems, he said that many Nagas (including few opportunistic leaders) were bedazzled into these “obnoxious political hypnotism with diabolic designs which slowly but gradually began to breed inside Naga society from both outside and within, pushing Naga’s rights over the horizon to be nearly damned into obscurity and oblivion.”


However, he claimed that because of some “intrinsic intellect visionary leaders, backed and guided perhaps by the instinctive ‘Divine Intervention’, the Nagas were able to smell a rat, and become aware that ‘All Is Certainly Not Well’ in the aura of air,” which, according to him, was “literally polluted with the foul stench of subversive forces coming into play, and who were hell bent to derail the Naga Political Journey and hold the Naga issue and the Naga people at ransom.”


“This, as a result instigated, constrained and compelled, yet propelled our leaders to take necessary steps and create a launching pad to take this mighty leap, to counter and to defend our legitimate rights,” he added.


He further appreciated and acknowledged each and every individual- Nagas or non Nagas, sympathizers or friends or brothers-in-arms, for the sacrifices, prayers, support and solidarity, and to all those who had contributed in their own individual potential capabilities.


Lastly, he called upon the “fellow countrymen and women to remain grateful and wait upon the Lord in prayers and anticipation to pave ways for the enlightenment of the Naga’s quest for peace and stability.”


Eastern Naga Region of NSCN Akato Chophi observes Republic Day


The Eastern Naga Region of NSCN/GPRN (Akato Chophi) under the aegis of Konyak Region observed the Naga Republic Day on 21 March with dignitaries from various local bodies, councils and some CSOs attending.


Eastern Naga Region of NSCN/GPRN (Akato Chophi) under the aegis of Konyak Region observed the Naga Republic Day on 21 March


Capt. Wanglam evoked God’s blessings by saying the invocation, followed by a welcome address by Brig. Mongnyei of Eastern Command.
Short speech was delivered by Dy. Kilonser (Home) Chingten, while Tatar Temzei proposed the vote of thanks.


The program was led by Tatar Aton Wangnao, who also presented the ‘Presidential Speech’ of his Excellency, the President Akato Chophi, followed by mass benediction.


Meanwhile, a small thanksgiving program was also observed at Thahekhu Village, led by Mr.Wankei Konyak Dy. Kilonser MRA (Ministry Of Religious Affairs), who also pronounced the invocation, followed by silent prayers, dedicated to the fallen comrades.

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