Mokokchung, 5 November (MTNews): In a show of unwavering solidarity with commercial vehicle owners and their ongoing protest, the Mokokchung, Tuensang, Zunheboto, Longleng, Noklak, and Shamator District Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) have collectively urged the Nagaland Government to swiftly address and resolve the issue at hand.

Prolonged strikes, like the ongoing “Chakka Bandh” not only disrupt normal public life but leads to heavy economic losses in the fragile market and breed an environment of mistrust, the CCIs of the six districts said in a joint statement.

They also emphasized the need for balanced governance throughout Nagaland, stating that “governance” should not be confined solely to certain districts like Kohima, Chumoukedima, and Dimapur.

“Concerns and issues faced by fellow citizens in districts such as Mokokchung, Zunheboto, Wokha, Tuensang, Shamator, Noklak, Longleng, Kipheri, Mon, Phek, Peren, among others, are equally significant and deserve the same level of attention and responsiveness,” stated the six organizations.

“The indefinite “Chakka Bandh” protest initiated by the ACVOA on November 3, 2023, is a stark reminder of the frustrations faced by the commercial vehicle owners, who have been left with no alternative but to take to the streets to demand their rightfully earned dues,” they added.

They further pointed out that the delay in disbursing payments has caused financial hardships to the commercial vehicle owners and the government’s reasons for this delay are far from convincing. “This situation mirrors the disappointment and sense of betrayal felt by the ACVOA, stemming from unfulfilled promises and payment delays by the government,” the six district chambers of commerce asserted.

The six “most affected Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry” also expressed their steadfast support for the All Commercial Vehicle Owners’ Association (ACVOA) in their protest against the Nagaland government’s delay in disbursing payments for services rendered during the 2023 Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) election. They called upon the government to act promptly and justly to settle this matter and fulfill its commitments.

Further, the six DCCI urged the government to act promptly and immediately release the sanctioned amount to the ACVOA and further emphasized on the importance of accountability, transparency, and good governance.

“It is crucial that the government honors its commitments to its citizens and ensures that such situations do not recur in the future. We call upon the Nagaland government to take this situation as an opportunity to learn and improve its governance. It is the duty of the government to prioritize the legitimate concerns of its citizens, irrespective of their location, promptly and transparently,” they added.

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