Kohima, 26 February (MTNews): Nagaland Governor La Ganesan in his address for the 4th Nagaland Legislative Assembly session called upon all the stakeholders to overcome their differences and any other remaining obstacles to trace out a final solution in a spirit of ‘give and take’. The assembly began today at Nagaland Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Kohima.

Nagaland governor
Governor La. Ganesan addressing the fourth session of the 14th NLA

Governor Ganesan emphasized the state government’s unwavering commitment to addressing the longstanding unresolved Naga political issue, highlighting its utmost priority in achieving a peaceful resolution. “We will take every possible step to advance and reinforce the ongoing peace process, assuming an active and constructive facilitating role,” he affirmed.

Reflecting on the collective effort of the 60 lawmakers in forming an opposition-less government to expedite a resolution to the Naga political issue, the governor reiterated the government’s readiness to facilitate a solution that is honorable, acceptable, and inclusive to all parties involved.

On the issue of Centre’s move to suspend the Free Movement Regime (FMR), the governor went on to say that the State government is “seeking consideration” from the central government.

He acknowledged the concern and anxiety among the Naga people, particularly those staying in the Indo-Myanmar border stating, “My government has further requested the central government to make appropriate regulations for the movement of people across the borders in consultation with the state government.”

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