In a heartening display of communal spirit and dedication to education, villages under the jurisdiction of the Chang Students’ Conference (CWS) in the Tuensang district of Nagaland have initiated an inspiring mission by setting up ‘Sochum,’ a term in the Chang Naga language meaning “study centers.”

Chang Naga children of Waoshu village in Tuensang district are seen here heading to Sochum for an evening of study, bringing their beddings for a cozy night of learning.

According to Sanglekhamba, the general secretary of the Chang Students’ Conference, students go to the Sochum (study center) after their regular school hours every evening to study.

“Students spend the night at this center, and the next morning they return to their respective homes to have a meal and attend school. The same routine is carried out every evening,” he shared with Mokokchung Times.

In the Sochum, he said there is one warden to look after the students. The Sochum is run by the Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS) Tuensang, and village councils, with contributions also coming from the respective churches of the villages.

As per their LinkedIn profile, the Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS) was established in Tuensang, Nagaland, in 1993 with the objective of empowering vulnerable and oppressed marginal communities, aiming to usher in desired change and transformation in rural healthcare, livelihood, water and sanitation, and education. ECS is based in Eastern Nagaland and currently implements its projects in five districts of the state: Tuensang, Noklak, Kiphire, Mon, and Longleng.

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