Have you heard of Yatra Kid? A peppy and gregarious YouTuber – Tiapong Tzudir

Tiapong Tzudir, a 24-year-old, is a well-known YouTuber from Changki Village, Mokokchung. He is most popularly known as Yatra Kid and is known for being a jovial and gregarious person. Holding an opinion that being an empathic person comes first in life, Tiapong has been in Mumbai since 2021, where he is currently pursuing his master’s degree.



Tiapong Tzudir


Tiapong is also among the executives of the Naga Students Union, Mumbai and is someone who values social services such as student organizations. He enjoys socializing and travelling and is passionate about reshaping social conventions.


Since signing up as a YouTuber on April 7, 2017, the community has embraced and supported the lifestyle and travel-related content he produces and now he has more than 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube.


Further, Tiapong has also hosted shows and events in Nagaland, Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. His Instagram account (tiapong_tzudir) resembled a cassette of his illuminating, off-the-beaten-path travels in Northeast India.


Tiapong informed Mokokchung Times that he started his YouTube channel as a way of documenting his personal university life. However, he added that it eventually evolved into a source of income for him to support himself in the present.


When asked what motivated him to launch a YouTube channel, he responded that it was his upbeat peers and added that it was the urge he feels inside that propelled him forward.


According to Yatra Kid, he has received love and support from people all around the world through his YouTube channel, in addition to views and subscribers. He also noted that his friends see him as a dedicated, resilient person who can go farther. But as the world has it, no one is free from criticism.


Speaking about how he deals with criticisms he receives, he said, “If the criticism is reasonable, I embrace it because it promotes my growth.”


“I try to disregard it if it doesn’t produce any results,” he added.


“It’s a subjective world; not everyone is going to value what we do. Whether the comment is positive or negative, we should always start by expressing gratitude,” he said, further noting that “we might rise to greater heights with criticism.”


He further added that “many content creators put forth even more effort to make us (the audience) smile with their silly online antics and goofiness.”


Sharing his views on social media, he said that it holds “enormous power in our society” and stated that he strives for “the best way to educate people about northeast India around the globe.”
He further added that he aspires for the younger generation to accept themselves for who they are rather than live idealized lives.


Along these lines, Tiapong also mentioned that he considers himself influential whenever he receives texts from viewers who are impacted by his videos.


He also went on to say that at this point, “making films is not a waste of time.” However, he considers that his ability to “finally stand up” for himself and accept his individuality is something he considers a major accomplishment.


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