Once again, Blend In Events returns with another exciting announcement for Rockvival.

On 21 June 2024, the Sikkimese band ‘Nightmares’ is set to headline the highly anticipated Rockvival 3.0 in Mokokchung, Nagaland.


Nightmares are a progressive rock band from Sikkim and are the winners of RedFest 2011, Sikkim; Spring Fest 2013, IIT Kharagpur; Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati; 1st Runners Up in Hornbill International Rock Contest 2014, and winners of Shirock 2019. The band has also opened for international bands like Extreme and Michael Angelo Batio.

Wapang, a member of Blend In Events, told Mokokchung Times that the main motive of Rockvival is to promote local talents and guest bands. He added that bringing bands from outside of the district and states is to encourage local performers.

“Mokokchung used to host Rock Reign and rock shows, but it has died down over the years, and we are well aware of it. Also, Covid happened, and, therefore, our music scene somehow declined,” said Wapang, adding that it was one of the reasons why BlendIn Events wishes to bring about that change.

In the three years of Rockvival, he said, the positive impacts were the formation of The Spectrums, which is the only all-girl rock band in Northeast India, and also the formation of many other new bands. Speaking about the venue, he said they are speculating Imkongmeren Sports Complex but have yet to finalize on it. As for seeking support from TaFMA, he said they are yet to meet them.

It has been no secret; the Nagaland government has been pushing the music scene in Nagaland through TaFMA and has been doing a commendable job; however, pursuing music as a career option in Nagaland remains a challenge for many. Wapang views that the main reason why music is not growing in the state is that although many are actually talented musically, 90% of the musicians do not choose music as a career.

“Our society’s mindset holds the belief that music will not provide us our livelihood; so many musicians takes music as a sideline. Most of our musicians are still focused on education and are job-oriented. So, the band or the artist might get the fame for a moment, but it doesn’t translate into livelihood,” said Wapang.

As for the other bands, he said, Stereo Groove, the winner of the Seasonal Beat Contest held in Urban Café, is certain to perform. He said they are currently holding auditions and in the process of discovering artists and musicians to provide them with the platform to perform at Rockvival 3.0, which coincides with the World Music Day, on  21 June.

Mokokchung Times

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