Several parts of Manipur were hit by heavy rains and a hailstorm on Sunday, resulting in damage to houses and vehicles. Reports from Imphal and the Press Trust of India (PTI) confirm widespread destruction.
In many areas, the hail formed a thick white blanket, adding to the severity of the situation.

manipur hailstorm
Several parts of Manipur were hit by an extraordinary hailstorm on Sunday, damaging houses and vehicles.

According to initial reports, houses in various locations, including Canchipur and Tera in Imphal West, suffered significant damage, with hailstones puncturing tin roofs. Additionally, strong winds led to the destruction of hutments across different areas.

Expressing concern, Chief Minister N Biren Singh, in a Facebook post, announced that the government would undertake repairs for the affected houses. He urged residents to submit photographs of the damages to their respective deputy commissioners for immediate assistance.

According to Indian Observer, hailstorm also caused damage to vehicles, with windshields of parked four-wheelers developing cracks. Furthermore, trees were uprooted in several areas due to the strong winds accompanying the storm.

manipur rain
The Meteorological Department issued an orange alert for heavy to very heavy rains in Manipur and other northeastern states until Tuesday, indicating the possibility of further damage and disruptions.
Officials are reportedly assessing the extent of the damage caused by the calamitous weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a heavy rainfall spell, accompanied by thunderstorms and gusty winds, very likely to continue over Northeast India until 7 May.

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