In response to the Government of India’s decision to construct a border fence with Myanmar and scrap the Free Movement Regime (FMR), the Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) has announced plans for a peaceful protest, as reported by Sentinel Assam.

According to the report, the decision to protest was reached during a comprehensive meeting held at ZORO’s chief office in Treasury Square, presided over by R Sangkawia, the association’s President. Fiery discussions ensued as participants debated the consequences of these policies, viewing them as divisive actions that would further oppress Zo progeny and disrupt familial ties.

ZORO’s rally is scheduled for May 16, 2024, at the Myanmar border, aimed at reflecting their disapproval of the government’s actions. They have extended invitations to Mizo natives, Myanmarese individuals, and border village communities to join in solidarity against these measures, intending to escalate opposition and promote unity in standing against them.

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