Dimapur, 16 June (MTNews): Former President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee, K Therie in a press release said, “Biren Singh is the factor, peace is eluding in Manipur.” According to the former NPCC president, “Singh is the executioner of the RSS idea of Hindutva” and alleged that the Manipur CM was “made to task to seriously persuade the idea.”


Therie claimed that the entire Northeast region is under significant pressure, with Manipur engulfed in turmoil, Sikkim witnessing protests, and “Nagaland public under siege from 18 factions.”


“In Arunachal Pradesh, RSS is prospering, Tripura Hindutva is in force,” he said, adding that the Assam government is championing Hindutva, while Mizoram and Meghalaya, despite reservations towards the RSS, support the BJP at the central level for their political survival.


He also alleged that the ruling government is living in fear of NIA, ED and CBI while Tribals, Adivasis and minority religions live in fear of their life and future.


“No one is safe under BJP,” he stated.


According to Therie, after the removal of Article 370, the ‘heart-burn’ for RSS is now Article 371 and its clauses and alleged that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is actively working to neutralize or eliminate the special protections provided by Article 371.


“BJP has chosen Judiciary path for Sikkim and Manipur,” he claimed.


Therie said that over 3,000 arms and 5, 00,000 ammunitions were reportedly given to Arambai Tengol and Meitei Leepun – the Meitei Hindu radicals to fight against Christian Kukis.


“The act is no less than fanaticism and treason to own people and Nation. It is a crime against humanity. It is a deliberate violation of the Constitution,” he said and asserted that it was a “clear case of breakdown of the Constitution.”


“Law and order have completely collapsed. What more is required than to dismiss the Government that is killing and destroying its subjects and properties? It is madness self-destruction. Over 121 Churches torched and burnt down. Christians have never attacked Temples anywhere in the Nation for vengeance is not ours. Death bodies are lying on the roadside and home without burial,” he added.


He then asked whether the Prime Minister meant to “eliminate Christian tribals permanently” when he assured a permanent solution in the 2021 election campaign in Imphal.


“Till now the Prime Minister is dumb, the Union Home Minister lost control and the Governor Peace Committee has been boycotted. Parties will not join the Peace Committee as long as Biren Singh is CM and Member of the peace committee. Dismissal of Biren Singh is the only way to attempt peace in Manipur,” he reiterated.


He then called upon the President of India to intervene.


“We are encouraged by the President’s intervention on Women Wrestlers. We understand Rashtrapati is under siege. Letters don’t reach the President. People cannot reach the President.


However, there is no greater pain than Manipur is, in the Nation,” he said and urged the Northeast Congress MPs and NECCC to apprise the President of India for her intervention.

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