Empowering youth and redefining the dignity of labor in Mokokchung Town


Imolangba Metsubo



In a world filled with stereotypes and limitations, individuals like Imolangba Metsubo, a 31-year-old hair stylist and multi-talented artisan, stand out as beacons of inspiration. With a mission to empower the youth and redefine the dignity of labor, Imolangba has made a name for himself by providing exceptional hair styling services at the doorsteps of Mokokchung town residents.


Imolangba’s journey began with a crash course training in hair styling from an institute in Mumbai. Equipped with the skills acquired through the training and recognizing the need for convenience and personalized services in Mokokchung Town, Imo Metsubo decided to take his talents directly to the customers. Instead of confining his skills to the walls of a salon, he embraced the concept of mobility and introduced a mobile hair styling service. Armed with his hair styling tools and a vibrant personality, Imo brings his services to clients’ doorsteps, ensuring that they receive the best care and attention right in the comfort of their homes.





Initially, he had provided services to ladies, offering everything from coloring to treatments. However, recognizing the significant time commitment required for these services, he made a conscious decision to focus on personalized haircuts for male clientele.


One of the standout aspects of Imolangba’s services is his commitment to affordability. Charging a mere Rs 70 per haircut, he ensures that his services are accessible to people from all walks of life. This inclusive approach has endeared him to the community, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty among his clientele.


Imolangba’s true impact, however, extends beyond his prowess as a hair stylist. In addition to his mastery in the world of hair, he is a self-taught carpenter and a certified electrician. These diverse skills showcase his ability to adapt and thrive in various fields, reflecting a relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.


Imolangba’s multifaceted skill set serves as an inspiration to young individuals who may feel restricted by societal expectations and limited career options. He challenges the notion that success can only be achieved through traditional paths and demonstrates the importance of embracing one’s passions and honing diverse talents.


Beyond his professional achievements, Imolangba’s true impact lies in his mission to inspire the youth to embrace the dignity of labor. Through his own experiences, he encourages young individuals to find fulfillment and pride in their chosen fields, regardless of societal perceptions. By redefining success on their own terms, Imolangba strives to create a more inclusive and egalitarian society, where the value of all forms of labor is recognized.



To experience Imolangba Metsubo’s exceptional services, booking an appointment is just a call away. Simply dial 8974647008 and secure a spot for a personalized haircut or any of his other impressive offerings. For those seeking a glimpse of his work, head over to his Instagram handle: @imo_langba.

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