Art has the remarkable ability to touch hearts, ignite emotions, and inspire change. Chuten Jamir, a self-taught artist and tattooist based in Mokokchung, has embarked on a journey fueled by his unwavering passion for art. With a specialization in Charcoal, Graphite, Oil, and Acrylic mediums, Jamir has mesmerized audiences with his captivating landscapes and expressive portraits. His affiliations with the Gallery of Contemporary Art Exhibition and the Neu Naga Foundation for the Arts have further shaped his artistic career, enabling him to contribute to the art scene in Nagaland.


Chuten Jamir
Chuten Jamir


Chuten Jamir’s artistic journey traces back to his childhood days. As a young student, he would spend his free time sketching cartoons and anime characters, unconsciously setting the stage for his future artistic pursuits. Although he started as a hobbyist, his talent and dedication led him to explore various art forms, including sculpting, digital art, and tattooing. While being a science student initially, the calling of art became stronger, propelling him to pursue his passion and forge a path as a professional artist.


Affiliations with GoCA and NNFA: Influences on Artistic Growth

Jamir’s collaboration with the Gallery of Contemporary Art Exhibition (GoCA) and the Neu Naga Foundation for the Arts (NNFA) has been instrumental in his artistic development. Joining the art fraternity in his state, Nagaland, has provided him with invaluable opportunities to showcase his work, learn from renowned master artists, and connect with fellow artists who share his creative journey. The art workshop organized by the TaFMA (Task Force for Music & Arts) in Kohima further expanded his horizons, enabling him to enhance his artistic vision and connect with the broader art community.




Exploring Landscapes and Portraits

Landscape painting and portraiture have become the focal points of Chuten Jamir’s artistic expression. He is drawn to the enigmatic beauty of human emotions, expressions, and the diverse magnificence of Earth’s landscapes. Through his art, he strives to capture the essence of his subjects, delving into intricate details and portraying them in a way that evokes a profound connection with the viewers. Jamir’s aspiration is not merely to depict his subjects but to encapsulate their true essence, inviting observers to experience a range of emotions and appreciate the inherent beauty of art, nature, and humanity.



Inspiring Love through Art

For Chuten Jamir, art is a medium through which he aims to inspire love in others. Drawing parallels between art and love, he believes that both require dedication, patience, learning, and effort to blossom into something meaningful. By infusing his artwork with his deep passion and emotions, he strives to evoke a similar response in his audience. In an era dominated by digital distractions, he aspires to draw people’s attention back to the true beauty of art, nature, and the world around them. Through his creations, Jamir encourages viewers to embrace love, appreciate the subtleties of life, and experience the transformative power of art.



Artistic Pursuits and Financial Sustainability

While the creative process brings immense joy to Chuten Jamir, it has also become a source of sustenance for him. Through commissions and projects, his artwork has provided him with financial stability. However, he emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s artistic boundaries and maintaining the quality of one’s craft, as financial gain and fame can distract from the true essence of art. He acknowledges that the path of art as a career may seem uncertain for many in Nagaland, but with the growing recognition and support for the arts in the region, the future holds promising prospects. Jamir believes that by passionately and sincerely pursuing one’s artistic endeavors, the rewards will naturally follow.



Chuten Jamir’s journey as a self-taught artist and tattoo artist showcases the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of one’s artistic calling. Through his affiliation with art organizations, his exploration of landscapes and portraits, and his desire to inspire love in others, Jamir has carved a distinct niche in the vibrant art scene of Nagaland. With his unwavering dedication and commitment to his craft, he continues to create meaningful artwork that touches the hearts and souls of those who encounter it.


He can be reached on Instagram @chuten_jamir


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