In a world saturated with images and creativity, some individuals stand out for their dedication to their craft and their journey to hone their skills. One such individual is Soreto, a 21-year-old talented artist of the Yimkhiung community, hailing from Mokokchung. Known by the moniker the_sai_art on Instagram, Soreto’s story is a testament to the power of unwavering passion and the pursuit of self-expression.




From a tender age, Soreto’s heart was captivated by the magic of colors, shapes, and textures. It was during his 4th standard that he first felt the allure of the artist’s brush, as he meticulously sketched every captivating scene that caught his eye. His journey was marked by an insatiable thirst for exploration, a trait that would define his artistic endeavors in the years to come.


As Soreto’s artistic journey unfolded, his dedication to his craft became increasingly evident. The early years were a period of exploration, where he immersed himself in various styles and techniques, gradually finding his unique voice amidst a tapestry of influences. His commitment to self-discovery was unyielding, an unwavering quest to define his own distinct art style that would be instantly recognizable to others.


“I always tried to find my own art style,” Soreto shares, “so that people could recognize me through my work. Even now, I’m striving to be the best version of myself.” Among the many projects that have shaped his creative trajectory, one stands out as particularly memorable: a room painting that marked his first foray into large-scale artwork. The project, now a year old, taught him invaluable lessons and fueled his skill enhancement journey.


Before the cloud of COVID descended, Soreto’s art remained largely un-exhibited, confined to the realms of his school and local community. However, as time marched on, he embarked on a quest for knowledge, enrolling in diploma courses for graphic design and 3D sculpting. Armed with new skills and a zest for sharing his creations, Soreto harnessed the power of social media, transforming his passion into a burgeoning business.


“Today’s generation finds innovative ways to monetize their passions,” Soreto muses. “So, I decided to explore logo design, digital art, and crafting people’s ideas into digital masterpieces.” This was the genesis of MANIA STORE, Soreto’s brainchild, where he not only showcases his creations but also invites the world to commission bespoke pieces that seamlessly blend his artistic flair with clients’ visions.


Managing the multiple facets of his burgeoning artistic enterprise isn’t without its challenges. The dichotomy of fulfilling orders for his online store while simultaneously engaging in commissioned artwork tests Soreto’s mettle. “Sometimes, nights blend into days as I strive to meet demands,” he admits. Yet, the artist remains steadfast in his belief that the foundation of success is built on trials and tribulations.



While Soreto’s formal education halted early on, his hunger for knowledge continues undiminished. “Stopping my education early is a regret, but I’m standing up again,” he confesses. A voracious internet explorer, Soreto dedicates hours each night to self-learning. Whether delving into coding, undertaking online courses, or honing his marketing skills, he has embraced the digital realm as an alternate pathway to growth.


Soreto’s story resonates with aspiring artists and those who dare to chase their dreams against all odds. His canvas is a testament to the transformative power of passion, hard work, and unyielding determination. Through his artistic evolution, he is painting not just images, but a vivid narrative of the human spirit’s ability to overcome challenges and create a masterpiece out of life’s diverse experiences.

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