Have you heard about Seshat Tutorials in Mokokchung? Established in 2014, it is one of Mokokchung’s oldest coaching institutes. Tiajungla Pongen founded the coaching centre Seshat Tutorials, which is now located on the third floor of Longkumer Kilem in Mokokchung. You will discover more about this tutorial’s goals and accomplishments as you continue to read this article.



Tiajungla Pongen, the founder of Seshat Tutorials, with Dhurba, the Director of Seshat Tutorials.



The Director of Seshat Tutorials, Dhurba, explains that “Seshat” is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and writing. She also became renowned as the goddess of architecture, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, and surveying, according to Dhurba.


According to Dhurba, Mokokchung is the third most talked-about district in Nagaland, and he believes that education is crucial for the community. “We had the vision to make sure students from Mokokchung not only get to compete within Nagaland but also become able and successful citizens to compete with the nation as well,” he continues, adding that they have always worked to provide quality education, keeping in mind what a student needs to be prepared for once they finish out their HSLC and HSSLC programs.


He mentioned that, with professional and highly skilled teachers being scarce in a place like ours, they have always pushed for providing education at a very high standard. “Our goal is not only to prepare these students for exams but also to share our experiences and shape them into better versions of themselves,” Dhurba said.


Furthermore, it was disclosed that they constantly seek to inspire the pupils in whatever small way they can. Thus, it was revealed that the coaching centre also offers scholarships to meritorious students. They also support a small number of students from the economically deprived section of society each academic year. Additionally, they make use of audio-visual tools to improve the student’s learning experiences. It was also revealed that Seshat Tutorials employs around 7-10 teachers, each of whom specializes in a different subjects.


Also, Dhurba stated that students are also given access to career counseling and personal counseling. He maintained that during the pandemic, when everything had reached a standstill, they made the decision to make use of technology and offer online classes to students, which was justified by the student’s performance in the respective year.


Speaking about the impetus for opening a tutorial centre, he told Mokokchung Times that before coaching facilities were established in Mokokchung town, students had to travel to various places to receive tuition for a multitude of subjects from different teachers. He asserts that this is a common issue, especially for students in grades 10, 11, and 12, and that it not only has an impact on costs but also consumes a lot of time. According to Dhurba, they reasoned, “why not fix this problem and give them a shared platform where they can discover solutions under a single roof?” He did, however, add that they have also worked hard to hire the finest instructors and make sure that their standards are met.


Seshat Tutorials’ main goal is to ensure that students from Mokokchung succeed. They also informed Mokokchung Times that they have over the years realized that there are many talented and gifted students in Mokokchung, and that they sincerely want them to realize their full potential.


Seshat Tutorials provide multiple courses, including:

1. Foundational Courses for Class 10

2. Foundational Courses for 11 & 12 (Science Stream)

3. NEET Courses


Dhurba said that their pupils have achieved great success in academics and other spheres of life on a national and worldwide level, and attributed it to God’s grace and blessing.


Some of Seshat Tutorials’ accomplishments:


. Dr. Abigail Rai secured the 4th rank in NBSE HSSLC 2015-16 (Science Stream) and is currently working as a doctor by profession.

. Mr. Imcharenba Atsongchanger – Secured 6th Rank in NBSE HSSLC 2020-21 (Science Stream) with being the state highest in Physics.

. Mr. Talinungsang Imchen—Secured 3rd Rank in NBSE HSLC 2020-21

. Mr. Aosanen Mar, 1st batch of Seshat tutorials, is now working as a project manager at Winstream Enterprise in United States.


Classes are often held in the evening between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m., according to Dhurba. In terms of the fee structure, he stated that it would depend on the subject combinations and added that they provide students the freedom to select their own courses.



When discussing plans and objectives, he confided that Smart Classes is the technology they would like to explore and use most effectively to further improve the lessons and learning experience for the students.


He said, “We view every year as a challenge, and we strive relentlessly to serve our aspiring students with the best we can.”
“Our greater objective is to push Mokokchung forward as an educational capital,” he declared.


Further, Dhurba added, “Through the years, we have been tremendously blessed, and we continually pray to God for wisdom to lead all the pupils in the right direction.”
“We also want to express our gratitude to everyone who sent us kind thoughts and prayers,” he said.


Dhurba continued by expressing that they sincerely hope that one day they would all be able to represent “Mokokchung as the Educational Capital” with God on their side and the joint efforts of like-minded individuals.

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