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Here is your classy beauty salon if you’re looking for one. Beauty salons inadvertently have an impact on the whole public since every client looks forward to the chance to enhance their looks. Today, Mokokchung Times features ‘Opulent’ beauty parlor located at IM Road, Arkong ward, Mokokchung. Binu Rai partnered with Sangti to launch the beauty parlor in the year 2018.


Binu stated that it cost them about two lakhs to start their beauty parlor. It was revealed that the products at the parlor are imported from Nepal, Bhutan, and some even from Dubai, with the assistance of her acquaintances. She did, however, say that they place orders based on consumer preferences and needs. At the parlor, new goods are regularly introduced. However, she said that they don’t do online orders as duplicate items frequently arrive.


Binu Rai


The parlor, according to Binu, provides a range of hair services, including hair spas, starting at 800 rupees. She continued by saying that the cost varies depending on the length of the hair. According to Binu, the cost of hair strengthening starts at Rs. 1500 and varies based on the length of the hair and the particular products utilized.
Also, she said that they are providing services for hair keratin, explaining that keratin treatments help to straighten and smooth frizzy or damaged hair. The cost of hair keratin begins at 3000 rupees and is determined by the hair length.



“Opening a beauty parlor was always my dream; I had my training in Guwahati,” said Binu. She also talked about how she decided to build a business based on her interests in order to support her parents and become financially independent.


Meanwhile, Binu mentioned that they encountered difficulties launching their parlor. And still, she notes with confidence that they would be able to cover their 6,000 rupee monthly rent payment. She continued by stating that their income varies seasonally, with some months seeing them make more than they pay in rent and others just covering the rent bill.


Binu added that they frequently receive positive customer feedback and that they have regular clients at the parlor. When asked about her future intentions, she stated that she will continue to pursue the beauty parlor, saying, “It is my love.” She also shared a little about her side business and her plans to refurbish the rooms with high-quality furnishings.



Binu said that they have not encountered any disgruntled customer in their years of engaging with clients. There are three spaces at the parlor – one for facials, another one for sitting, and a third one for working services. The beauty parlor at “Opulent” also offers haircuts, threading, hair coloring and highlights, and piercings. The parlor opens about 9:30 or occasionally at 10 in the morning, according to Binu, and closes depending on the working schedule.


For residents of Mokokchung Town, the beauty salon also offers home services. She, however, said that given that the parlor is open Monday through Saturday, she might only be able to leverage the services if there are no other patrons to attend to. She went on to say that home services charges will be adjusted depending on how far the customer is from the parlor.


Interested individuals may call at 7005746155 for lavish beauty treatments at home.


Mokokchung Times

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