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Tuensang, 10 January (MTNews): Nagaland Minister for PHED & Cooperation, Jacob Zhimomi has appealed to all the Naga tribes to come together under one mindset so as to progress socially, politically and economically. Speaking at the three-day Poanglum Festival celebration at Sejung Ground in Tuensang Village as Special Guest today, the Minister said “Nagas were strong and united pre-statehood but slowly each tribe has turned against one another” and questioned how long the people would keep fighting among themselves “in this small area of 16,000 sq. km of land.”

jacob zhimomi
He also stated that Prime Minister Modi is ensuring development at all levels from villages to metropolitan cities highlighting that issues like, scarcity of water, irregular electricity and bad roads have all become a thing of the past.

He later took to X (formerly Twitter) to state that it was a privilege to address the Poanglüm Festival Celebrations today in Tuensang. “Overwhelmed by the warm reception and impressed by the rich cultural display of our Chang brothers and sisters. Taking pride in our culture and being united is the way forward for Naga society,” he said.

“If we’re not united, we will never see the light of the day. Unity is quintessential for the progress of Naga society. It’s high time all the tribes of Nagaland come together and contribute to the collective progress. The day we’re united, we will witness real peace too,” he added.

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