Kohima, 5 October (MTNews): The Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) has issued a statement highlighting concerns within the business community in Kohima, the capital town. The KCCI expressed apprehensions about the increasing burden on local businesses due to a surge in requests for support in philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

“The business community of Kohima had always intended to offer quality products at reasonable rates in spite of all the odds they had to encounter but the compelled exaction upon the traders leads to the parting away of huge chunks of one’s livelihood,” stated the KCCI through a press release issued today.

The statement pointed out that the trading community is fatigued by the frequent solicitations for contributions, including buffets, concerts, dinner packages, lotteries, raffles, calendars, fundraisers, and other initiatives.

“These collections have not only drained the business community economically but emotionally and psychologically as the modus operandi of coercing is adopted to fleece out the businessmen of their hard earned money,” it stated.

In response, the KCCI encouraged its members to continue demonstrating goodwill to foster a healthy relationship with the public.

It also firmly emphasized that the business sector should not be viewed as “Charity Baskets” where anyone is entitled to a portion of one’s hard-earned income.


Mokokchung Times

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