Mokokchung, October 30 (MTNews): A biography of Rev. RJ Amen Longchar titled ‘Lanur Longzük’ authored by noted writer and biographer Tiala Imchen was released by Rev. Prof. Dr. Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM), Impur on Sunday at the residence of Rev. RJ Amen Longchar in Kumlong Ward, Mokokchung.



Author Tiala Imchen, Rev. RJ Amen Longchar and Rev. Prof. Dr. Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, ABAM at the launch of the book ‘Lanur Longzük’ on Sunday. (MTNews Photo)


During a brief book release program, author Tiala Imchen said that the reverend spent most of his life engaged with youths and was influential in reforming and impacting many young people away from alcoholism and substance abuse.


During his tenure as Secretary for ABAM Christian Youth Endeavour (CYE), the author said that “Aoli CYE” reached its pinnacle by hosting numerous seminars and training for youth pastors, retreats, collegiate festivals, and skills workshops for dropouts, among other activities.


Rev RJ Amen Longchar also formed exuberance by introducing the Film Ministry, which was later christened as Gospel Media Centre and reached many people with the Word of God during those days, as well as the publication of a magazine called ‘Lanur Teimla’ through the establishment of ACYE Printing Press.


He and his contemporaries were also influential in the development of youth ministries such as cadet, crossroad, and crusader clubs, which are being used in many churches today. Despite budgetary difficulties, he was instrumental in the construction of the Rev Longri Memorial Youth Hostel, which now serves as the Jubilee Memorial College building. After leaving ABAM, he worked for NBCC, CBCNEI, and outreach missions.


Throughout his life, he committed all to the ABAM Youth Ministry, and this book is a life narrative for youngsters meant to motivate them to fulfill God’s mission selflessly, according to the author.


At his biography launch program, Rev RJ Amen Longchar also stated that his 30 years of service with ABAM and other organizations had been trouble-free since God was with him and everyone was highly supportive.
“It was only through collaboration and His omnipresence that we were able to overcome hurdles and problems and complete our entire undertaking,” he testified.


While reflecting on his affiliation with Rev RJ Amen Longchar, Arenla Imchen, former Associate Youth Secretary ABAM, said that he was a selfless and visionary leader who molded and transformed many youths, including his colleagues.


The book is available for Rs 350 at Clark Literature House, MTBA Basement, Mokokchung, and Tir Yimyim Office, Supermarket, Dimapur.

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