Mokokchung district witnessed peaceful elections today. Most polling stations were open from 7 am to 4 pm, although some remained open beyond these hours. According to Mokokchung Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer, Thsuvisie Phoji, the average voter turnout in Mokokchung was 88.91% by 4 pm. This percentage is expected to increase slightly as some voters were still in queue at the time.

voters mokokchung
Voters queued up at a polling station in Mokokchung on 19 April

Phoji stated that no official complaints regarding malpractices were recorded during the elections, and described the process as ‘violence-free.’ However, there were a few reports of technical issues with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). In response to these concerns, Assistant Returning Officers (AROs) and the Official District Magistrate were dispatched to investigate, confirming that there were no anomalies.

Phoji also addressed complaints about polling officials in certain constituencies, acknowledging that some had been replaced. He clarified that the issues were not due to inadequate training but possibly nerves affecting their performance.

Additionally, Phoji mentioned that only 50% of the polling stations in Mokokchung had CCTV webcasts, installed based on the criticality of the stations as per Election Commission of India (ECI) norms.

Mokokchung Times

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