The district administration of Longleng has announced a total ban on Single Use Plastic (SUP) to address serious environmental and ecological challenges posed by its rampant usage.

The order stated that, as per Section 273 of the IPC 1860, the sale of noxious food or drink (expired or damaged) is prohibited and anyone who sells, offers, or exposes for sale of such shall be punished with imprisonment for up to six months, a fine of up to one thousand rupees, or both.

Additionally, the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, prohibits the sale, storage, or distribution of unsafe, sub-standard, or misbranded food products, as well as the unhygienic or unsanitary processing or manufacturing of food. Section 124 of the Nagaland Municipal Act, 2023, empowers urban local bodies to levy sanitation fees, license fees, and utility service charges.

The Legal Metrology Act, 2009, under Sections 25 and 26, includes penalty provisions for the use of nonstandard weights or measures and the alteration of weights and measures.

The district administration has directed all individuals, institutions, and commercial establishments to adhere to the relevant regulations and bylaws established in the interest of public and consumer services. Inspections will be conducted periodically, and any individuals or establishments found in violation of these regulations will be subject to penalties as stipulated under the relevant acts and regulations.

Mokokchung Times

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