The Nagaland state Department of Transport inaugurated and launched the Nirbhaya VLTS Command & Control Centre at the Nirbhaya VLTS Command Centre, Transport Commissionerate, Kohima on 28 May 2024.

Nirbhaya VLTS

Commissioner & Secretary of Transport, Dr Zasekuolie Chusi, IAS, mentioned during the inaugural and launching program that the launching of Nirbhaya VLTS (Vehicle Location Tracking System) is a significant achievement and a cause for joy for the state as it takes a step towards providing safety to women, children, the elderly, and other passengers.

Chusi stated that this system will allow drivers of passenger vehicles to be more cautious, thus fabricating more security and safety for passengers. He urged the Department, stakeholders, and the public to act collectively and utilize the device to its full advantage. Chusi also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the able leadership of the Transport Commissioner and his team involved in achieving this milestone.

Transport Commissioner, Elias T Lotha, gave a brief overview of the Nirbhaya VLTS Project initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH). He explained that the ministry initiated the scheme for the development, customization, deployment, and management of a state-wise tracking platform for Safety and enforcement as per AIS 140 specification.

Elias also notified that the Vehicle Location Tracking Device (VLTD) will be installed on all public transport registered before or after January 1, 2019. These vehicles will be fitted with a VLT device with a unique ID and a panic button, and these details will be integrated with the Vahan database. The Vehicle Location Tracking will be monitored in a Command-and-Control Centre (CCC) manned by personnel 24×7, serving as an interface linking the vehicles, the police control room, and related enforcement and emergency units into a real-time data-sharing network.

He also mentioned that during an emergency, travelers can press the panic button, sending a distress message to the CCC. Acting upon it, the Centre will alert the Police and other concerned stakeholders to attend to the situation. Furthermore, he stated that the project’s objective is to ensure the safety of women and girl children and to cover safety for women, children, and vulnerable individuals who often face safety challenges while commuting, especially during late hours or in unfamiliar areas.

The project aims to increase safety and security for women, children, and vulnerable individuals during transportation, provide timely response and assistance in emergencies or distress situations, deter potential perpetrators due to the visible presence of the tracking system, improve trust and confidence among commuters leading to increased usage of public transport, and make public transport safer, instilling confidence among commuters. With collaboration between transport authorities, enforcement agencies, and Quick Response Teams, the successful implementation and sustainability of the project will be ensured.

The key features of the hardware unit to be installed include:

Vehicle information: Vehicle ID, Date, time, heading, and speed.

Real-time reports by time or distance intervals.

Mileage accumulator.

High sensitivity GPS Chip.

GSM/ GPRS/ SMS Quad band.

Programmable Geo-Fence.

Mobile data Terminal Support.

Voice communication.

The CCC will monitor real-time information on vehicle status based on location, speed, and time. It can initiate Two-way Voice & Data communication capabilities and provides critical alerts such as over speeding, unauthorized stoppages, and emergency situations. Additionally, the CCC can generate reports on criteria such as vehicle stoppage, vehicle speeding, distance traveled, or trip summary. It can also block the engine, cut fuel line, etc., through SMS/GPRS.

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