Mokokchung District has been without an Urban Development Officer for a year now, following the unfortunate passing of the former Urban Development Officer last year. This has left a very big dent in the department’s public service delivery. The citizens of Mokokchung have consistently voiced their grievances, emphasizing their struggles in obtaining land permits and house-building loans, among many other services.


A partial view of Mokokchung urban area (Photo:


This newspaper has learned that at least two legislators from the district, Minister Metsubo Jamir and Advisor Tongpang Ozukum, have also penned letters to the department, sharing these concerns. The Ao Senden is also reported to have appraised the matter to the Advisor of Urban Development, Zhaleo Rio recently.


In a telephonic conversation with Mokokchung Times, the Director of Urban Development department acknowledged the challenges faced by the citizens. He stated that the department is currently awaiting the recruitment of new officers through the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC). The director informed that the NPSC has already conducted a written examination and is now in the process of scheduling the oral examination.


“We have been actively urging the NPSC, but we also understand that they adhere to their own routine. Nevertheless, we anticipate that the recruitment process will conclude within the next couple of months,” the director said.


Furthermore, the director highlighted that it is not solely Mokokchung District that is facing this issue; numerous other districts are encountering similar problems, he said. However, he expressed optimism that these challenges will soon be addressed with the induction of new NPSC recruits.


Mokokchung Times

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