The monthly meeting of the Mokokchung District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) was held on 21 May at the District Planning Conference hall under the chairmanship of Tongpang Ozukum, Advisor of Water Resources and Chairman of Mokokchung DPDB.

DPDB Mokokchung
Tongpang Ozukum, Advisor of Water Resources and Chairman of Mokokchung DPDB addressing the members at the DPDB meeting held on 21 May 2024. (DPRO Mokokchung)

The meeting commenced with the Additional Deputy Commissioner proposing a plantation drive, water harvesting, and water rejuvenation on 5 June coinciding with World Environment Day. He urged all government officials present to actively participate in the celebration and directed concerned departments to make necessary arrangements for the proposed agenda.

Several key agendas were addressed and approved during the meeting, including the recognition of Wameken Yimsen village under Tuli Sub-division, registration of two societies, establishment of a Sub-treasury office at Tuli Sub-division, and the change of school nomenclature from Green Hills Public School to Green Hills Academy. These decisions were directed to be forwarded to the respective departments for further action.

Regarding the issue of clearing jungle vegetation along power line corridors, raised by the Power Department due to a shortage of manpower, the ADC expressed support for assistance from Village Councils. He instructed officials from all Sub-divisions to convene meetings with Village Councils within their jurisdictions, fostering community-department rapport and mutual support.

Presentations were given by the Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary highlighting their department’s operations and ongoing projects. Regarding the closure of Quarantine Check Posts per government order, the DPDB agreed to address the matter upon receipt of an official letter from the concerned department.

Similarly, the Public Health Engineering Department delivered presentations showcasing their ongoing projects. The DPDB instructed PHED to compile and maintain data on plastic waste management across all blocks and monitor community plastic waste disposal.

In closing, the Chairman expressed gratitude to the members for their active participation in addressing societal concerns and reminded all concerned departments to diligently pursue the aforementioned agendas.

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