Mokokchung, 18 March (MTNews): Vesupra Kezo, NPS have been appointed as the new Superintendent of Police (SP) for Mokokchung District. Thsuvisie Phoji, the Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer of Mokokchung, introduced the new Superintendent of Police to the Mokokchung district during the meeting of the District Level Standing Committee at the conference hall of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Mokokchung today.

Kezo had earlier served as the SP of Phek District and was the former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dimapur.

During the meeting, Kezo reiterated the importance of cooperation with law enforcement and emphasized the necessity of a peaceful election. He cautioned against misuse of social media and its potential adverse effects.

Stressing the importance of conducting a free, fair, and peaceful election, the DC urged all political party leaders to uphold a positive image and set an example for their members. He encouraged collaboration among districts and adherence to election decorum in accordance with the Election Commission’s guidelines.

Renben Mozhui, the Assistant Election Officer, Mokokchung, underscored the significance of combating child labor during the election period, emphasizing the need to raise awareness among party workers.

Ajit Kumar, IAS, Assistant Commissioner, delivered a concise overview of the Model Code of Conduct during the election, urging against religious and communal tensions and emphasizing the avoidance of bribery and intimidation.

A presentation on the cVIGIL App, a mobile application developed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) for reporting violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) during elections, was conducted. Users can report violations by selecting the type of violation, providing incident details, and submitting relevant media.

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